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Dr. Ken Ravizza – Bad Attitudes in Baseball

Chad Moeller and Ken Ravizza Discuss Correcting a Bad Attitude


Chad Moeller with Dr. Ken Ravizza Video – Bad Attitudes in Baseball Players

Chad – So I work with a lot of players and I hear questions from parents and one in particular is boys with bad attitudes. They got a temper especially if they get out and dealing with that and just being a good sport on the field, not being that kid, but being able to embrace the fact that you’re playing a game and being able to deal with not having success, what would you recommend?

Dr. Ken – Well I think one of the things is that you’re not going to be successful all the time and you’re going to hit a point where you’re going to have to learn to deal with your failure and your frustrations but the issue I think is when it reaches the point of anger, its little things building up because back to when we were talking about the signal light analogy. Athletic performance is like driving the car. You come to the light, if it’s green you go, yellow you tend to the intersection, red you stop. Very often the kid is going through some yellow lights and doesn’t even recognize it, so the little frustrations are building and then wham! It becomes anger. So as a parent I think one of the things that becomes important is first off, settle the kid down. It’s just like basic behavior in the home.

Chad – Right.

Dr. Ken – You know, go to your room, cool off, whatever the thing is. Get down to their level, ok what happened here? Alright hey, there was this frustration, that frustration, this frustration and then wham! Can we do something beforehand? Yes the umpire made a bad call, yes there was the error. Did you go to something to get control of yourself? Because the beautiful thing that the game has Chad. The game has a batter’s box. When I step in the batter’s box I’m ready.

Chad – Right.

Dr. Ken – The game has a rubber. When I put my foot on the rubber I’m ready. You need to make sure you’re ready. If you’re not ready, don’t put your foot on the rubber. Don’t step in the box. Yeah, time and space ok. I can be mad over here, not over here.

Chad – Right.

Dr. Ken – And that’s the control issue ok and it’s a parent validating for that.

Chad – For succeeding at doing yeah.

Dr. Ken – Yes, also if they’re getting that angry over the results, they’re too focused on the outcome because a lot of what the mental game. The mental game is in the present. The mental game is in the process. The controllable’s are the process. The controllable’s are the approach. You don’t have control of the outcome. You don’t have control of the results.

Chad – No that’s perfect and it’s a perfect life skill because we don’t, we don’t have control over most of the results and the sooner we learn how to deal with it and learn how to cope with it the better.

Dr. Ken – And this is one thing you see all the time Chad, at the higher levels. With the college coaches, the major league scouts. What are they looking at? They’re looking at a quality called mental toughness and how do you see mental toughness? You do not see mental toughness when a player is going 4 for 4 and hitting home runs. You see mental toughness when the player has to deal with adversity and how do they handle it. How did they do after they strike out with the bases loaded? Did they get back to the rail and support their teammates or in the dugout smashing the bat rack.

Chad – Yeah.

Dr. Ken – That says a lot.

Chad – That says a ton right there.

Dr. Ken – Yes and it’s not easy.

Chad – No it’s not easy.

Dr. Ken – And that’s what we need to validate them for.

Chad – Absolutely.

Dr. Ken – You know, now question.

Chad – Nope that’s perfect.

Dr. Ken – Yep.

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