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How to Catch a Pop Up

How to Catch a Pop Up


The key is we want to make sure that I’m getting my back turned, I’m getting in position, and I’m not rushing after this ball.You can see that we can move the tennis ball around from side to side, I want to make sure that I can attack the ball, always keeping my back to the field and letting the baseball come back to me.I want to make sure that I’m able to keep this 45 degree angle when I’m looking up at the baseball. I want to make sure the ball stays in front of me and I work my way into it. If I get underneath this ball, it’s going to be behind me, because the baseball always comes back to the field of play.

By using a racquetball, you can get the ball as high as any major league popup – you’ll find out how difficult these things actually are to catch! But it will make you an all-around better catcher, it’s going to help you on popups which can be a very embarrassing play. We don’t have baseballs landing in the stands, we don’t have baseballs out in center field, we don’t have to go see an oral surgeon if this goes badly This is a great drill and will help you improve and make you much better on catching popups!

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